Silver Similarities

                            for Gerry


Mountain Gorrilla Family.JPG


We stood before grown children

old friends, family, vowed to keep

love found between twin sorrows

We soared Sahara sands to Entebbe

where — click, click — trigger-happy

travelers now take framed snap shots. 

We silver-tressed new wed widows

trekked The Impenetrable Rain Forest

of dense jungle fills hungry air.

Climbed to rhythmic machetes — 

slash, slash…steep, steamy hours...

lungs breaking, mud legs aching…

hush, hush — a bush moved… 

thump, thump — we saw the giant

sleepy silverback, his mellow

mountain clan, his adolescent son’s

raw boast, met the mother’s curious

regard…all eyes agog.


No more aware of breathless air,

we twelve survivors — six human,

six gorilla.


Bliss —


Back to base camp, showered

like pioneers from pails above. 

Sipped fine wine by night’s fire,

sublime reminiscing with mates.

Tap, tap — tropic rain on tent tops

as we sank into trim cots. My world

wide again, my love for you larger

than this glowing golden land of Africa


― appeared in Saturday Magazine, January 1999